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At Londrigan Potter Randle P.C., we understand how overwhelming and devastating an accident can be emotionally and financially. As experienced Illinois trial lawyers, we are prepared to provide persuasive negotiations or aggressive litigation to obtain the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled as a result of your accident-related injury. We have represented hundreds of individuals with personal injuries and are fully prepared to assist you with whatever type of accident you’ve experienced.

Aggressive representation when you are injured in an accident

As Illinois personal injury attorneys, we have an extensive history of guiding accident victims through difficult times. We have handled hundreds of cases for victims of a wide variety of injuries. We make it our mission to provide quality services in the following areas:

  • Auto accidents. From the minute you feel the impact, you know your life has just been significantly affected by your auto accident. We work to obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve for your injuries now and in the future.
  • Truck accidents. Accidents involving large commercial trucks can result in severe injuries, including brain injuries, paralysis and broken bones. When you are the victim of a truck accident, you need a lawyer familiar with the types of injuries that typically result.
  • Motorcycle accidents. Due to their small size and quick maneuverability, motorcycles are fun to ride, but also dangerous. Most motorcycle accidents occur because another driver never saw the motorcyclist. Whether you suffered road rash, broken bones or more severe injuries, we can help.
  • Dog bites. Animal attacks should be taken very seriously. A dog bite can result in scarring, disfigurement, broken bones or disease. It is important to take action to recover for your damages and to prevent future attacks.
  • Slip and fall accidents. Illinois law requires property owners to use reasonable care in maintaining their premises and to avoid exposing third parties to unreasonable risk of harm. Whether your slip and fall accident occurred at a shopping mall, office building, school, parking lot or elsewhere, we have the skills to assist you. Premises liability law covers all types of accidents occurring on another party’s property.
  • Products liability. If you were injured by a product, it was likely because there was a defect in the product or a failure to adequately warn of the dangers associated with using the product. Our products liability attorneys work to keep consumers safe and to recover for damages suffered.

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