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Real Estate

Central Illinois real estate lawyers

Real estate transactions often represent a significant investment of resources for businesses and individuals. Every transaction poses risks for buyers, sellers, lenders, real estate brokers, title agents, builders, developers and other parties involved in the transaction. Sometimes, the value of a piece of property may be reduced by unpaid taxes, for money owed due to a mechanic's lien, undisclosed easements or environmental problems that cannot be seen by the untrained eye. Whether you need help with a short sale, negotiating a lease or protecting your interests in a real estate transaction, hiring a competent real estate lawyer is a good investment in helping to avoid problems that may arise down the road.

We at Londrigan Potter Randle P.C. are here to help you manage and handle your real estate matters. Our real estate practice handles a wide range of real estate matters.

Some of the cases our firm has handled include the following types of cases:

  • Partition suitsThere are times when two or more parties have difficulty coming to an agreement on how to divide up a property. If you are involved in a dispute where the parties involved cannot come to an agreement on how to divide up a property, a partition suit is something you might want to consider. At Londrigan Potter Randle, we have experience investigating the options available to you, providing recommendations on how to resolve the impasse and being your legal advocate.
  • Real property disclosuresBefore considering purchasing property, it's important to have an expert in real property disclosures help you understand what challenges a property might have – whether it's liens, environmental problems or undisclosed easements. Those issues are not always readily apparent, so having an experienced partner in real property disclosures is important. The team at LPR has the experience to make sure you don't run across any surprises when you're considering buying real estate.

Many times, real estate transactions represent a substantial investment for everyone involved. It's important to have experienced legal counsel to help you make sure your investment is protected. Londrigan Potter Randle P.C. understand the issues involved in real estate and can help you protect your investment.

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