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An estimated 4.7 million dog bites occur each year in the United States, nearly a fifth of which require medical care. The most serious dog bite injuries befall the most vulnerable segments of the population: children and the elderly. While adults can be attacked as quickly as children, adults tend to be more attentive to the dangers an unknown animal can present. Adults are also more capable of avoiding or escaping a dog attack than a child or elderly person.

At Londrigan Potter Randle P.C, our experienced dog bite attorneys go after negligent dog owners whose animals inflict serious, often permanent injuries. With our 180 years of combined legal experience, we have learned the tactics that are most effective in dealing with dog bite cases. Our long track record of success speaks for itself.

Illinois dog bite laws

510 ILCS 16 imposes strict liability on owners when their animals attack another person. The law applies to any animal attack and is not limited to just a dog bite. Strict liability means that the owner is responsible even if the owner did not know the dog was dangerous. The only defense is that the victim provoked the attack, which is exactly what many insurance companies claim in these situations.

Typical injuries caused by dog attacks

Bear in mind that many times the dog is larger than the victim, so these injuries can be very savage and debilitating:

  • External injuries include severe lacerations from scratches and deep puncture wounds from teeth.
  • Internal injuries, such as a punctured lung and internal bleeding, result when the dog clamps down on flesh and its teeth cause pressure on internal organs.
  • The permanent effects of these injuries may include scarring, disfigurement and sometimes even the loss of a limb or wrongful death.

What damages can be recovered?

In a mild or moderate case, damages most likely include medical bills, lost wages and rehabilitative expenses. More severe injury cases involving permanent injuries tend to result in much higher damage awards. If the victim is disfigured or disabled, compensation should include future lost wages due to disability, future physical pain and suffering from the disfigurement, future emotional pain and suffering from scarring, and future medical expenses for ongoing medical treatment.

Work with tenacious attorneys in Springfield who focus on dog bite cases

At Londrigan Potter Randle, our experienced attorneys know how to use the stringent Illinois dog bite law to your advantage in court. Since there is never any fee unless you receive compensation for your injuries, there is no risk when you contact Londrigan Potter Randle P.C. at 866.658.3248 or online to schedule your free consultation.

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